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Gundam Deathscythe Hell EW | takumi_nakayama [pixiv] 

Duo Maxwell & Chang Wufei


Duo Maxwell & Chang Wufei


But that Bajeena and Maxwell image. Bajeena and Elsa! That suit? That glove. Attacking Titans with someone who managed to not die in Attack On Titan? Ludicrous!

I’m the Duo Maxwell! You looked great dude. :D




Tekko Day 3 Part 4: Supernatural Photoshoot Part 2!

I got to participate in the shoot because I figured out the Venom tendrils I made would work for a Leviathan! Soooo we decided to make it look like I was attacking Cas xD

Also of notable mention, Winchesters and Cas’ chasing Slenderman who is chasing and shoving Crowley off screen (or at least that’s the story since my camera cut off Crowley on the side there).

Yessss it was so fun hanging out with you when I was both Loki and Sam! Thanks again for manning my camera for some of this shoot, you’re awesome

Aw yeah, you all were great yo! We need to definitely do this again in the future! By the way, thanks a lot Cass for carrying my fat butt in the photo! :-P

You’re all flipping me off, but you’re still kneeling >D



There. Sorry to spoil the fun.

I know I have some of you, so I’ll tag you when I get home. But if you see yourself let me know!

Myself as Crowley, casthesizzlebutt as the Castiel in the middle of the bottom-right photo, and arw1860 as Anna from Van Helsing pointing the Colt at me! :)

heatherleigh02 as Greg Lestrade from BBC Sherlock, obsessions-and-dreams as Fem!Sherlock on the farthest right at the top

Myself as Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing.
That was a “Best of the 90s” photo lol

secretvelociraptor as Sailor Jupiter!
flamingkunai is Sailor Mercury!
rikubean as Sailor Mars!

If you see yourself let me know!